Will + Marriage = No Valid Will by Nicole Porima, Senior Solicitor, Gallie Miles

Did you know that if you make a Will prior to getting married, this Will becomes null and void once you “tie the knot”?! 

The only way to prevent your Will from becoming null and void upon marriage (or civil union), is if you add a special clause to your Will that stipulates you have made your Will “in contemplation” of marriage to your partner. If you do not add in this clause, at the time you sign your Will, you will no longer have a legally binding Will after your marriage (or civil union). You will therefore need to make a new Will.

Many people get caught out by this and we have seen it create many issues for families who are left to deal with the estate of their loved one, without the guidance of a valid Will.

Therefore, when you are applying for your Marriage Certificate, it may be a good opportunity to tick off all of your legal housekeeping by contacting your lawyer to update your Will.

Nicole Porima

Senior Solicitor

Gallie Miles


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