Do we have to write our own vows?

Short answer, no, but many couples do.

During a marriage ceremony, the couple must exchange marriage vows. That is each person must say the words, “I AB, take you CD, to be my legal wife/husband/partner” to each other– or words to similar effect. 

This can be done by repeating the words after the celebrant, followed by your personal vows or you can choose to include it in your personally written vows.  

Many people take the opportunity to write their own vows to express their love and support to each other.  Some couples like to share stories, add some humour, it can also be a time to thank family and friends for their support.  There’s no set length for personal vows, it’s all about what you want to say, keep it a secret from your partner though, it’s great to see the emotion personal vows can bring out in people on the dayJ

Your celebrant should be able to print and laminate your vows for you to read from on the day.

Your celebrant can usually give you a hand and offer some resources to help you write your vows if needed.

Here are some websites that have some great tips to get you started:





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